Worst Nba Contracts 2022

As the NBA salary cap continues to rise, some teams have found themselves burdened with contracts that are worth far more than the player`s actual worth. In 2022, there are plenty of NBA contracts that have proven to be a poor investment for their respective teams. Here are some of the worst NBA contracts for 2022:

1. John Wall, Houston Rockets

John Wall is one of the finest point guards in the league, however his injury history is very concerning. The Houston Rockets are currently paying him over $44 million annually and his contract runs through the 2022-23 season. Wall`s inability to remain healthy has made his enormous salary tough to justify. The Rockets are unlikely to contend for a playoff spot anytime soon, making Wall`s contract an even bigger weight on their shoulders.

2. Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook is undoubtedly a dominant player, but the Lakers are paying him over $44 million per year with a contract that runs through 2022-23. Westbrook`s ability to mesh with LeBron James and Anthony Davis has been questioned, and the Lakers will be paying top dollar for a player whose best days may have already faded.

3. Kemba Walker, New York Knicks

The New York Knicks took a gamble on Kemba Walker in the hopes he would return to being an All-Star caliber guard, but so far it hasn`t panned out. Currently, the Knicks are paying him over $36 million annually and his contract runs through the 2022-23 season. His injury history makes his contract even more concerning for a team that`s still rebuilding.

4. Al Horford, Boston Celtics

Al Horford was a reliable player for the Celtics during his previous stint, which led the team to believe they could successfully pair him with their young core. However, Horford`s contract is currently worth over $27 million annually and runs through 2022-23. He`s no longer the same player he once was, and the Celtics will find it challenging to move his contract.

5. Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors

Andrew Wiggins was once considered a future superstar in the league, but his performances haven`t lived up to the hype. Currently, the Golden State Warriors are paying him over $31 million annually and his contract runs through the 2022-23 season. Wiggins has shown flashes of brilliance but hasn`t been able to put it together consistently, making his contract a challenging pill to swallow for the Warriors.


In summary, these are some of the worst NBA contracts of 2022. These contracts have proven to be burdensome for their respective teams, and it`s unlikely that they`ll redeem their value before they expire. Teams will continue to make such risky contracts, and only time will tell which ones will prove to be worth the investment.